Your cabinets are made of finished hardwoods or laminated vinyl materials. To maintain the beauty and utility of your cabinets, proper care is required. Remove splashes and splatters promptly to avoid permanent stains. The beauty of the wood can be preserved or polishing with a furniture polish. Laminated cabinets require little care but can be protected with a light coating of suitable wax. Minor scratches can be covered with a putty stick that matches the finish of your cabinets. Putty sticks can be purchased at paint or hardware stores. Do not use abrasives on the finish of your cabinets. The hinges on your cabinet doors can be lubricated, if necessary, with an oil-based lubricant. Apply a very small drop of oil to the top of the hinge and work the door back and forth several times so the oil will penetrate into the hinge. Wipe the excess oil with a dry paper towel.