The countertops in your kitchen may be constructed of glazed ceramic tile, cultured marble, marble, mica laminate, granite or other solid surface brands. They are designed to provide years of use. Any cosmetic damage to your countertops must be noted during check-in. After you have moved in, the care of your kitchen countertops is your responsibility.

Always use a cutting board to protect your countertops when you prepare food. While minor scratches that can result from cutting food may not be noticeable at first, in time they will dull and mar the luster of the finish. This can happen to even the hardest ceramic tile.

Wipe up spills immediately. Some liquids, particularly hot ones, can cause almost imperceptible stains on ceramic tile grout, Formica and cultured marble. In time, the stains can accumulate and become unsightly.

Be careful to avoid dropping pots and pans and other kitchen items on your countertops. This can break or chip the counter's surface.

Re-caulk separations that occur around sinks and along the backsplash of countertops, before water can enter into those separations and cause damage. See the caulking section of this manual, above.


Corian is a durable, man-made products designed especially for use in countertops. However, it is not impervious to stains and damage, and it requires regular cleaning to maintain its beauty. Corian is susceptible to burns, so do not place a hot pan or a cigarette directly on the counter. As with any surface, is best to clean up spills immediately. Use nonabrasive cleaners and dry with a soft cloth to enhance the luster.

Cultured marble

Cultured marble is a modern product which adds style to your bathroom. Proper maintenance of cultured marble is similar to the maintenance needs of fine wood. Remove spills immediately to avoid stains. Do not use abrasive cleaners on your cultured marble countertops. Most food and drinks are acidic and can etch the finish on the marble. Do not place any items which may scratch the surface directly onto the counter top.

Routine care of cultured marble countertops requires warm water and soft cloth or sponge.