Exterior Finishes

The primary exterior finishes on your home are wood and cementious texture.

Cementious texture

Cementious texture is a brittle cement product that is subject to expansion and contraction due to environmental factors in this area. Minor hairline cracks will develop an outer layer of cementious texture. This is normal and does not reduce the function of cementious texture in any way. The white, powdery substance that sometimes accumulates on cementious texture surfaces is called effluorescence. This is a natural phenomenon and cannot be prevented. In some cases, it can be removed by scrubbing with the stiff brush and strong vinegar. Consult your home center or hardware store for commercial products to remove effluorescence.

Avoid spaying water from irrigation or watering systems on cementious texture surfaces. Check the spray from your lawn and plant irrigation system frequently to make certain that water is not spraying or accumulating on cementious texture surfaces.