Garage Doors

If your home has a sectional garage door that is made of lightweight steel, the door is very susceptible to denting and scratching. Take care to avoid leaning objects such bicycles or ladders against the door.

Lubricate the hardware on your garage door every three months or so. Use a light lubricating oil. Wipe away the excess oil. Do not lubricate the tracks or the surface of the nylon rollers. Lubricate the opener’s screw drive only with lubricant from the same manufacturer as the opener, for example, Genie. These lubricants can be found at home improvement centers, where garage openers are sold.

Garage Door won’t close?
All new garage openers require an IR (Infra-Red) Eye, or beam to detect obstructions when the door closes. There is a transmitter and receiver at each side of your garage door, near the floor. These must be aimed directly at each other, and nothing obstructing their path. Make sure toys are not in the way, and that one of the units has not been kicked and knocked out of alignment. There are usually LED lights on one of them to indicate when the sensors are operating correctly, and when they’re obstructed or misaligned.