Interior Paint

Interior woodwork is generally painted with semi-gloss latex paint. These areas may be wiped down with a soft sponge and soapy water.

Painted interior walls are not “scrub proof”. Scrubbing or harsh cleaners will remove paint. When doing touch-ups, use a small brush, applying paint only to the spot needing attention. Spackle may be used to cover any small defects prior to paint touch-up.

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers can be very effective at removing fingerprints and marks from doors and trim. BE CAREFUL that you do not scrub excessively as these WILL DAMAGE (dull) the paint.

Make sure you're using the exact BRAND and COLOR of touch-up paint. DO NOT attempt to color-match the existing paint. Please contact Eaton Realty for assistance in determining the correct brand and color formula.

Q: I want to paint a different color. Is that okay?

A: Maybe. Here are the restrictions regarding painting:

  • All painting requests are handled by by approval of the owner.
  • If approved, you may not paint yourself. All painting must be performed by a FL Licensed painting contractor. You may choose from our approved list, or submit a different contractor for approval.
  • If you choose to paint a color other than an approved neutral color, you will be required to re-paint back to an approved color before you vacate. (this also must be done by a FL licensed painting contractor)

Approved Painting Contractors

Approved Paint Colors

  • Sherwin Williams | Pro-Mar 400 Interior Flat | Kilim Beige